Nancy headshot


Advanced Computer Science MSc

Ambassador for Nigeria

I was fortunate to be awarded the prestigious Chevening scholarship and this is my first time in the UK and my first international trip. Being in Liverpool has shaped my view about life and technology in general. I know my studies and time in Liverpool has shaped me into becoming a better computer scientist.

I am currently studying an MSc in Advanced Computer Science. As a young female from Nigeria, where we do not have many women in the tech space, I am very passionate about technology and everything tech related. So far I have enjoyed how much effort our lecturers are putting into delivering us quality content (even during the pandemic). My passion keeps getting fuelled each day as a new discovery in the field of tech is shared with us and we learn first-hand how machines work and how discoveries are made each day in the world of tech. I also love how much the lecturers are willing to engage with us and the amount of help and recourses out there to aid us.

Nancy's top tips

  1. If you are from a warm region like Nigeria, please come with warm clothing for the first few nights before you get yourself sorted out
  2. Come with high expectations to learn from brilliant minds in whatever field of study you may be in.
  3. If possible sort out your accommodation before coming it helped me to be more relaxed and settled.
  4. Come with the vision to give back to this wonderful community in any way you can.