Ambassador for Peru

I enjoy studying Mechatronics and learning new concepts that will help me realise my future objectives. We learn the basics then develop our knowledge with the lecturers´ guidance.

We also get the opportunity to meet with students from different fields in engineering and different year groups to discuss topics.

Living in the city of Liverpool is one of the greatest things I’ve done, it is less expensive than other UK cities such as Manchester or London, which lets me have a better quality of life while spending less. Being here has taught me how to manage budgets, be independent, organise my time to study and enjoy the opportunity of being in one of the best cities and universities in the UK.

Miguel's top tips

  1. Live in a student shared flat, this will allow you to have flatmates from different nationalities, including British, that will help you adapt faster to the British culture.  
  2. Use the Guild of Students website, there are many societies and events that you may not know about waiting for you to discover them. I really enjoy taking part in some of the Guild’s societies from gaming to salsa.
  3. Bring a few traditional snacks from your country, then if you are feeling a bit homesick it will make you feel better. Plus sharing the snacks will be a good icebreaker with your flatmates.
  4. Enjoy your time in Liverpool.