Junho Choi Headshot


Business Economics BA

Ambassador for South Korea

Liverpool has a lot of international students and the atmosphere is very welcoming. On my course, the ratio of international students isn’t high so I integrate with lots of British students and I am very satisfied with how the systems, the lectures, all the facilities and the support is so well organised.

I have studied in other cities in England and Liverpool is definitely more lively and welcoming to international students than many other cities. Manchester is very close and London is not very far away, but Liverpool is literally the ideal city especially for people who are lively and outgoing.

Knowledge about my major and my essential life skills are improving. I am learning how to manage myself better and gaining confidence by being able to adapt to new environments. I know if I study hard with all the materials and support here that I will be someone different by the time I graduate.

Junho's top tips

  1. Don’t be afraid of new people and the new environment, the people and environments are welcoming
  2. Get yourself organised first and get used to the new environment before you try to make friends
  3. Do not socialise only amongst people of the same nationality. (It will not be helpful for your English skills)
  4. It is natural to feel lonely and not used to the environment. You are away from home, whether it's the first time or the tenth time living alone, away from home. Whenever you need help and support tell the University. They are there for you.