Jennifer Ho Headshot


International Business BA

Ambassador for Indonesia

My course involves seeing problems from a global perspective which it is beneficial for me because everyone in here comes from diverse backgrounds so we are able to exchange various perspectives on a problem. The lecturers are highly knowledgeable within their related fields and have been very helpful throughout my studies. Everything is facilitated with a wide range of resources and the staff are just lovely and help and assist me through every problem. As they say in Liverpool, ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

My time in here has helped me to grow as an individual and become more confident. I have learned a lot of new skills; good communication, working under pressure, how to be a team-player and management skills. It has helped me to understand how businesses and finances work on a global scale. I am sure that my experiences at University of Liverpool will help me to stand out when it comes to job applications.

You will find everything you need in Liverpool. It is rich with culture and history, its the birthplace of The Beatles and the home of Liverpool Football Club. Liverpudlians are passionate about their football and it is great to see everyone connect with each other through a shared interest. In my free time, I enjoy playing the Ukulele I learnt to play it though the internet. I also like to travel in and around the UK and I have visited some amazing places such as the Highlands in Scotland Everyone here is so warm, friendly, and welcoming which has made it easier for me study away from home. There is always something to do in Liverpool and everyone will feel like they belong here.

Jennifer's top tips

  1. Don't pack too much. I can assure you will find everything you need here. Maybe bring things that hold sentimental value for you to make your new place feel like home
  2. Be open towards new things and new experiences. You will see and/or find something new here, that you can't find back home, be prepared to take it all in for unforgettable memories!
  3. Take care of all the official paperwork and get it done as soon as possible. Before arriving, make sure you have your accommodation and student visa confirmation. The moment you arrive here, take care of what you need to do, collecting your BRP and reporting your arrival to the university
  4. You might experience a bit of culture shock it takes a little time for everyone to settle down. Get as much help as you can from everyone. The university offers a lot of help in Welcome week, it really helps new students to settle in quickly.