Hong Ki Charmaine Yip

Hong Ki Charmaine Yip

Physiotherapy BSc

Ambassador for Hong Kong

This University offers many opportunities for students, its more than just an academic experience. My course focuses on a holistic approach to treat patients. The curriculum is developed and assessed by leading healthcare providers and it incorporates theory, practice-based components, clinical placements and extensive resources on and offline.

The course timetable is well-organised so I am able to join and enjoy extracurricular activities too. This has helped me learn to manage my time efficiently which in turn has made me more independent. My UK qualification is recognised in many countries which will provide me with an opportunity to work abroad and this raises my employability.

There is a vibrant student life here, there’s more than 200 societies for students to join, and you can take a language course alongside your studies, like German, which enriches my university life. The university is also located in close proximity to everything you need and there’s great local railway networks in Liverpool. The City Bike hire scheme also offers a fun, efficient and healthy way to get around. I can rent a bike for a day to get to university for lessons or a trip around the park with friends. I also enjoy sports and cooking and I joined the Ultimate Frisbee Team which is a new experience to me. Apart from meeting many new friends it is also a way to stay healthy and relieve stress and we compete in tournaments in other cities.

Hong Ki's top tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to try things There are lots of fun events for you to engage in during the induction week. There’s many well organised free taster sessions by clubs or sports teams! Don’t be shy, step outside your comfort zone, it is really important to have a go and meet new friends!
  2. Ask more questions If you have any questions at all, there are many people you can contact who are able to offer help. Have a look on the University website or ask the International team for advice. They are always approachable. The more you ask, the more you will know and the easier you will adapt to this new environment
  3. Be fully prepared, do your research Make sure you have decided on accommodation, insurance, and have all the important documents prepared, such as visas and academic reports. The weather in Liverpool is quite windy and chilly here
  4. Stay positive It is natural to feel uncertain before your departure, but the most important thing is to enjoy every bit of your new adventure with a positive mindset. So try to relax, and make the most out of it!