E Ching Chen Headshot

E Ching

Biological and Medical Sciences BSc

Ambassador for Malaysia

The best thing about this University is meeting new people and being more open minded to a variety of views in life and being able to share my own ideas. Liverpool is a hub for students from all parts of the UK and around the world so I enjoy learning about different cultures whilst learning from lecturers who are at the peak of their careers and research.

Liverpool is filled with such diversity and no one is judged for where they come from, everyone is accepted here. There is always something new to experience or somewhere new to explore and I feel privileged to be part of it.

I’ve joined a couple of societies which has allowed me to meet so many people and make new friends. I am part of the futsal team at the university so I get to release stress through healthy competition whilst maintaining a social life with the girls on the team. A lot of my free time also consists of exploring new restaurants and cafes in the city to chill and spend time with friends.I also enjoy going to the Baltic Triangle to listen to all the new bands coming into Liverpool and try out new foods. I have used the trains a lot during my years here to travel to different parts of the UK (Birmingham, London etc).

E Ching's top tips

  1. Don't be afraid about making new friends. Everyone is in the same boat and will also be nervous or scared and there is absolutely nothing wrong about going up to someone and saying hi
  2. Be open minded about trying new things (especially joining different societies!) University is all about being independent and learning and experiencing new things and you'll find that it’s not as terrifying as you thought it would be and you might find your niche really quickly
  3. Its ok to be homesick so find people from your own country as they will act as your home away from home and help make the transition less scary!
  4. Research Liverpool and what this city has to offer! There are so many things to see, do and eat!! Becoming familiar with where you're living before moving makes it easier to settle in

Talking to so many people with different opinions and cultures has given me the valuable skill of adapting to different situations and being confident in the way I speak