Ambassador for Hong Kong

All my classmates are so friendly and willing to help each other while remaining competitive which I think pushes us to reach our full potential and we get great support from the staff too. I really enjoy studying at the University and my new life in Liverpool. I love the city especially the astonishing views at the Albert Dock.

Victor's top tips

  1. Don’t be scared. Even though new environments can be scary, don’t be afraid of new things, try to embrace it.
  2. After you conquer your fears you should try your best to create a balanced life because it can be stressful sometimes.
  3. Make good use of your time. Three years of university is relatively short in your lifetime but it is definitely going to be one of the best times you will have, so treasure it before it is gone.
  4. Just enjoy the experience the most important thing is for you to enjoy your life, so try to relax and chill.