Ting Cheng Headshot


Music PhD

Ambassador for China

The music department gave me professional and insightful knowledge during my master’s degree and also now during my PhD. studies. Dr. Michael Jones, my first supervisor, has given me extraordinary support with my research on Chinese indie music and independent musicians.

The music department is really well-established and everyone is friendly and supportive. To me they are like a family. We have students from all over the world which gives us an opportunity to explore different cultures and meanings through friends, colleagues, and activities.

Liverpool is one of the best cities for international students to study and live in the UK. I can feel the warmth and the energy of the city and the people here are really friendly. Liverpool has a brilliant musical community with live venues, open mic gigs, and the legend of the Beatles which all helps me to understand what popular music means to people. I’ve performed gigs throughout the year, and during the Chinese New Year I will perform for the Chinese community here. I also enjoy traveling a lot I’ve been to many cities in the UK and around Europe

Changbo's top tips

  1. There are cultural differences here, Chinese students have different values and behaviours to studying they tend to be quiet in class and don’t participate in conversation with the lecturer or other students. I would advise you to be more active in class, there are no wrong answers, trust the lecturers will value your answers, it will also help you to increase your confidence and performance
  2. To help with language barriers I recommend getting involved societies in the university and make lots of international friends. I even do a radio talk at the university it’s a nice opportunity to improve my speaking skills. Lots of Chinese students only make friends with other students from the same cultural background. If you are speaking Chinese all the time, it’s more difficult to improve your English. So make friends with native speakers there are many students here who would also like to learn Chinese
  3. There is much more freedom of study here which is quite different to China. Here studying individually is your own responsibility. Some students may 'only want to enjoy their life in the UK', and the teachers would not necessairily push you to study, which may cause some issues. If you know about these issues at the beginning of your studies it will help you to get used to the freedom here, and improve your ability to study individually
  4. There are lots of places to eat and many nice Chinese restaurants in Liverpool that make you feel welcome.