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Bradley (Brad)


Ambassador for Canada

The best thing about the University of Liverpool is THE PEOPLE it is made up of and unprecedented support that we provide each other. As an international student I have made friends with other students from around the globe some are my best friends and roommates today.

I greatly appreciate the universities ability to provide networking opportunities within the international student body present on campus, as this has helped me feel at ease, make new friends and establish a support system. I truly believe that my time at the University of Liverpool will have shaped my life forever, it is where I have developed the most as an individual by living away from home and developing a new skill set towards my personal, work and academic life. I know it will have an incredible impact and be the driving force in my career.

It truly feels like a university community, with 3 universities, numerous other tech and fine arts institutions; Liverpool is an exciting student city where I feel at home. Additionally, the sports culture is fantastic, and it is nice to see some variety from the hockey in Canada. Watching the Reds with my fellow students is always a blast! Some of the best times I have had so far have come from engaging with the student clubs I’m in. In my free time I also actively pursue an elite level of fitness, it allows me to work harder and improve my wellbeing. As a formerly nationally ranked swimmer in Canada maintaining fitness has been a key element to my free time.

Brad's top tips

  1. Make sure you have gone over all the requirements for your tier 4 visa and arrange all the documents needed to attain your Biometric Residence Permit on arrival to campus, this will streamline the processes needed to confirm your arrival to campus. Process your BRP as soon as you can. There is a large international student population at the University of Liverpool, if you go right away to submit your visa documents to attain your BRP you will skip the lengthy cues that arise later on in welcome week
  2. Make a list of questions regarding the city of Liverpool and University of Liverpool and take the time to send them to an international student ambassador and or make plans to meet them prior to the start of your course date
  3. Become active prior to your start date, make a note of people you can meet on campus such as ambassadors program advisors and guidance counsellors, this way you will have an idea where to find support if you need it and it is a fantastic way to network before you arrive
  4. Make a list of things you would like to have when living abroad at University This will ensure you have all the elements of home you need to have to make your new university life as comfortable as possible. For me this was making sure I had a year supply of authentic Canadian maple syrup.