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Master in Management MIM

Ambassador for China

The best thing about the University of Liverpool is that it cares about you and really loves you when you are one of its students.

What I like most about my course is that the Master in Management modules are really helpful for my future career development. All the staff working in the University are really helpful too if international students have any problems we can just go to staff directly and ask for help. What's more staff not only care about our studying, but also about our living experience too. I believe that through my hard work and studying I can really make a difference to the world in the future.

After lectures I usually to go to library the prepare for tomorrow's learning. Then I will go to the societies I’ve joined to meet friends and improve my skills, they are the modern language society, the yoga society the postgraduate society and the debating society. My free time is colourful, I usually enjoy going swimming with friends on the weekend then during the holidays I will travel with friends to other country, like Spain and Iceland.

What I like most about living in Liverpool is the people they are friendly, warm hearted and very helpful. What's more the environment here is very nice, especially the air quality. City life is here is convenient and colourful. You can buy everything you need from the high street. When you are tired from studying, you can just go out with your friends to enjoy the night life and have fun. If you are a fan of music and football this is the city for you.

Julie's top tips

  1. Be involved
  2. Embrace different cultures
  3. Think internationally
  4. Be open minded.