Navod Liyanage Headshot


Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc

Ambassador for Sri Lanka

I am particularly happy by the breadth of my master’s programme as it covers a wide array of modules, tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of industry. It’s not just another postgraduate course, but something truly futuristic and worth the money I’ve invested.

Lecturers always introduce thought-provoking case studies to equip students with sound theoretical knowledge as well as practical and transferrable skills. Working on a real industry project in the summer gives me the opportunity to directly apply my learning to solve real business issues, meet professionals from the industry and hopefully secure the job of my dreams. A degree from the University of Liverpool opens so many opportunities.

Liverpool is a city with character that has both history and a future. The people are helpful and welcoming and the city is vibrant, buzzing with energy and diversity. I find every walk of life here and the friendliness and tolerance of the people is overwhelming. They also have a great sense of humour and are approachable and the level of respect they have shown to me makes me feel safe. The people are what makes Liverpool for me. In my free time, there are plenty of societies for me to get involved in and numerous activities to entertain anyone. There’s an endless amount of must-see heavenly attractions here, I feel like time flies by in a magical way.

Navod's top tips

  1. Never be scared: Strange environments can be rather scary. Everyone else who came before you started their journey just as you are going to. See things with an open mind. Trust me you’ll find your way!
  2. Ask for help: If you feel like you need help, just ask. It can be difficult being away from home, there’s nothing wrong in asking for help. The friendly staff in the university and the student body are always ready to support and guide you. Remember you are not alone!
  3. Make the most of your time: Keep yourself busy make sure you register for Extracurricular Engagement, Careers, & Skills (ExECS) Award if you are from Management School. Through the ExECS award, you will automatically work towards developing career and employability skills, personal development, network practice, and take part in social and cultural activities. Studying at the University of Liverpool brings numerous career benefits through the innovative and dynamic university’s Careers & Employability Service
  4. Be yourself: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Most people have the 'new person jitters' when they first get to university. Being true to who you are you'll find people that will embrace you and accept you from the start. Believe me, because I have the first-hand experience.