Maja Headshot


Marketing MSc

Ambassador for Poland

The thing I enjoy the most here is the international environment. On my course I’ve met people from so many different countries it’s unbelievable. Being in such a diverse environment allows you to constantly develop, learn new skills, and it makes it easy to practice foreign languages.

I also appreciate the engagement and support given by all University staff from career advisors to the lecturers themselves, they are all more than happy to help and everyone is so nice and welcoming. I like that my Marketing course is tailored to students that have not studied marketing before and lecturers use multiple sources of material and make lectures entertaining. Living and studying in Liverpool has helped me to feel more confident, I’m not afraid to express my opinion, find who I want to be and what I want to do.

The city of Liverpool is also a vibrant multicultural environment. Wherever you go you hear different languages spoken and see restaurants with all types of cuisine. There’s so many things happening around the city, from music and food festivals, themed parties, lots of museums, I also really enjoy the Docks, it’s so nice to have a walk there especially in the evening when the sun goes down.

In my free time I enjoy traveling to different cities and countries. I have visited 22 countries so far that is why being in a multicultural environment in Liverpool makes me happy. I am a committee member of the Liverpool Entrepreneurs Network Society, which will be relevant to my career in marketing. I am also a member of the Polish Society which gives me a chance to talk with other Poles and exchange our points of view on living abroad.

Maja's top tips

  1. Look on Facebook for groups of people from your country living in Liverpool so you already know someone before coming
  2. Don’t hesitate to contact anyone from the International Advice and Guidance Team, they are more than happy to help you
  3. Write all the deadlines the University provides you within your calendar so you don’t miss any of them
  4. Last but not least, don’t be afraid! You will have the time of your life in Liverpool.