Alvaro Gomez Headshot


International Business BA

Ambassador for Spain

Global outlook and cultural experience have been two main factors towards choosing my degree and University. UoL through its partnership with XJTLU has enhanced my international experience, to an extent where I felt truly comfortable living in China.

This University has equipped me with the international experience I was hoping for and given me knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of culture and language and how they are rooted in the economy. I enjoy interacting and making friends with people from different countries and backgrounds on my course, it is full of international students, it is this multicultural environment that I absolutely love being a part of. My time in Liverpool has undoubtedly given me the tools to shape my career path into a more dynamicinternational, professional experience. I could choose to work or study anywhere in the world at the age of 20 years old. 

My free time consists of playing sport, reading and listening to music. I play for the University’s Rugby union team. I enjoy reading the news every day in different languages and I have learnt different to play instruments such as the Spanish, acoustic and electric guitar which has shaped my taste in music.

Alvaro's top tips

  1. Set your objectives so you have the foundation of what you want to achieve in your new environment. They can be very simple!
  2. Be informed review online resources and marketing materials. It is important to see if the desired degree is aligned with your goals
  3. Keep an open mind. Chances are that the first few months aren’t always going to be great but by staying open to new experiences and keeping a positive outlook anything can be overcome
  4. Keep family and friends close to you they will help you through any hardship. Furthermore, throughout your life you will meet loads of people from other countries that will change your perspective on the world, they often only stay around for a couple years so its important to keep them as close as possible to you.