Alex Suspiro Headshot

Alexandre (Alex)

Computer Science BSc

Ambassador for Portugal

My favourite thing about this University is its inclusive and nurturing environment that helps students to explore their full potential. I also really enjoy the logical yet creative nature of Computer Science. The way it is seamlessly interwoven with modern society is fascinating, and the fact that we are in the midst of a technological revolution makes it such an interesting subject to study. Some courses include a year in industry as well as study abroad opportunities which better equip students for the world of work.

My favourite activity outside university is travelling to other countries I really enjoy the artistic and social aspect of travelling and getting to know more about other cultures. My favourite activity at university in my spare time, is to go to Societies. My favourite is the Japan Society, where we regularly meet to socialise and exchange cultural insights about Japan. I also go to the gym where I run and do weight-lifting. 

I also love the atmosphere of this city. It has an amazing night life scene, people are really friendly, the waterfront is beautiful and there is always something to do. 

Alex's top tips

  1. Sign up to as many societies as you want to, don't be shy! Making a solid network of friends is a top priority when moving somewhere new, remember human beings are social beings
  2. Pay attention to your school email account as there is important information about academic talks and events
  3. Take care of the boring bits which come with movingRegister with a GP, apply for tax exemption, opt out of the broadcasting license
  4. Wait until you settle in before buying lots of things. You don't know how your life will be or what you'll need.