Studying Physiotherapy

Posted on: 15 April 2019 by Charmain in 2020

Charmain shares with us her experiences of studying Physiotherapy at the University of Liverpool

As an international student, I fully understand that it is never easy to study abroad alone. I, too, have gone through the period of hesitation and struggles to make a choice. Yet, the best decision that I have made is to pursue my tertiary studies in Physiotherapy, at the University of Liverpool.


Liverpool and its Red Brick University

 To start with, I’d like to give you an idea what you could expect in Liverpool. It provides one of the busiest and most comprehensive transportation in the country, with services operated by Merseyrail. It provides you with convenience and proximity to almost everywhere. The Lime Street Station is the most widely used station, I came there by taking a train from Manchester Airport after arrival.

There are a wide range of options for you to choose from for travelling: buses, cabs, rails... Not to forget to mention that the Physiotherapy course offers placement opportunities to work in hospitals, and convenient travelling would definitely save you time.

 Moreover, the city centre is within walking distance. The launching of Liverpool ONE, the largest shopping mall in Liverpool, is just located right at the heart of the city. This has made Liverpool a top five UK retail destination. If you are someone who loves to have nice food, grab a drink with friends to relax after revision, just head to the bustling centre and you would definitely feel recharged.

 UoL also offers many opportunities for students. As a proud member of the Russell Group, there’s something more than just the academics. It has a vibrant student life with more than 200 societies for students to join, and you can take up a language course alongside your studies, like German, which enriches your university life.


As a Physio student... 

In a typical teaching week, I have both practical lessons and lectures. Well, I am definitely not the kind of person who can sit still and passively listen to the lecturer speaking for 2 whole hours… Thus I think this way of lesson allocation is perfectly balanced out.

So be prepared to participate in many small groups teaching in the Physiotherapy course - with lots of active discussions in which everyone will have a chance to speak up and share their ideas. Besides, there is always more than just read, learn, memorize… The hands-on practicals offer the chance to perform certain exercises which we have learnt from the theory classes, which allow us to integrate both knowledge and application. Feel free to use all the equipment available, ranging from yoga balls, weight lifts, and electrotherapy machines. This is definitely a subject that challenges your creativity while caring for patients! Such teaching styles are very interactive and enjoyable. I am sure as students, we will be better prepared to work in real-life clinical settings. 

You’d be worried what to do when you are stuck. But no worries - the tutors and staff are very approachable. They are always encouraging and are there to offer help, so don’t be shy and just ask! As they often emphasize: “There is no such thing as a stupid question or to worry feeling embarrassed, only worry about the chances that you might miss to actually learn something more.” This helps to create a motivational learning atmosphere, and I really appreciate that as I’m sure we all hope to get enough support and help in times of need. 

Anatomy is an essential part of Physiotherapy. And undoubtedly, it might be hard to vividly picture the organisation of organs inside our body as you study during the course. Thus besides normal classes, we are lucky enough to have the chance to visit the Human and Resource Centre (HARC) in the university, where you will be dressed in lab coats, and get to touch and see real human body parts! This is a meaningful field trip to improve the understanding of the human anatomy with regards to the course. 

There’s still so much more to share, but all I can emphasize again is that the Physiotherapy degree offered by the University of Liverpool is remarkable. Thank you so much for reading till here, and I’d hope my sharing could help you make the right choice. The University of Liverpool definitely is waiting for you to join our big family!


All the best and I hope to see you all next year! :)