LGBTQ+ History Month in Liverpool: How can students get involved?

Posted on: 7 January 2019 by Tito Ventimilia in 2020

Tito provides a round up of the events happening in Liverpool this month to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month

February is right around the corner, but Valentine’s Day isn’t the only thing celebrated this month.

In the UK it’s time for LGBT+ History month, and whether you are part of the community yourself, an ally or just interested in discovering new events around the city there are multiple ways for you to get involved.  

What is LGBT+ History Month?

 It’s a month when we’re able to look back on the history of LGBT+ rights, civil activism and the role of the people involved. It occurs annually and is not to be confused with Pride Month, which happens in June and promotes equality and self-affirmation of LGBT+ people as a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots.

Why should we be interested in LGBT+ History?

Although an increasing number of countries worldwide now recognise LGBT+ rights and identities, there are many places in the world where being gay or lesbian is illegal and a punishable offence, and where transgender people suffer high levels of violence and lack of legal protections. Even the UK, one of the most LGBT+ friendly nations of the planet, still falls behind in gender recognition laws. Celebrating LGBT+ History Month allows all of us, members of the community or not, to look back at the fight for equal rights and the achievements we have made and also reflect on what still needs to be improved for every single person to be recognised for who they are.

As an international student, how can I get involved?

The LGBT Society has organised multiple events taking place throughout the month, and anyone is welcome to join! Here are some events where you can get involved:

Cinema Nights

There are 2 movie showings this month, both excellent movies perfect for any movie fans or those into historical cinema. The first showing, “Pride”, is a comedy-drama film that shows the support of LGBT activists for the miners strike in 1984 Wales. The second movie is “The Danish Girl”, an Oscar-winning film about Lili Elbe, one of the first people in the world to have undergone gender reassignment surgery. It will also be shown on February 17 also at the Cinema Room.

History Month Quiz Night

If you have a competitive spirit, this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills, or if you don’t know much about LGBT+ History you can join a group and give it your best shot! The Quiz will be on February 25 at the McAusland Room in the Guild of Students. It costs £1 to participate and all proceeds go to charity!

Coming Out Ball

For the finale of LGBT+ History Month, the Ball is a Prom Night inspired party perfect for anyone looking to have a blast and dance the night away whilst discovering the LGBT+ cultural scene that Liverpool has to offer. You can wear tuxedos, flannel shirts or even that amazing costume that you still haven’t been able to wear! Tickets can be obtained from the Guild website at £4 if you’re a member of the society or £5 if you’re not. 

Of course, these are only a few events the LGBT+ Society has organised. There are several game nights, socials, pub crawls and conversation corners about gender and sexuality. You can discover the full timetable of events by visiting the Liverpool LGBT+ Facebook page. Remember, this is an opportunity for any international student, LGBT+ or not, to learn more about History and even make new friends in Liverpool, so get out there and discover LGBT+ History Month!

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