A day in the life of an international student

Posted on: 11 March 2019 by Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson in 2020

Jeanne Jarvis shares what a 'Typical Day' is like for her as a student at the University, showing how she balances her studies, self-care and time with her friends.

A day in my life in Liverpool is filled with a mix of hard work, having fun with friends, and making sure I have some essential time for myself at the end of a busy day.

I am an early riser, so I tend to wake up before the sun comes up around 7:30. I take a hot shower, get dressed, and have a cup of coffee to get a bit of energy before I leave for Uni. Before I leave, I always make sure to clean around my desk in my bedroom and make up my bed. Doing this as a part of my daily routine adds consistency to my days and gives me a sense of accomplishment before I even leave my flat. I live in an off-campus student accommodation, so I have a 20-minute walk to campus. I always enjoy this walk, as it lets me feel the breeze of the cool air (although sometimes a bit too cold, so I make sure to bring a scarf just in case), gives me a chance to relax, and a way to stretch out my legs before a full day of sitting in lectures and the library.

With lectures and seminars during the day, it is important to make sure I bring snacks and water to get through the day fully energized. Going to The Guild is also my go-to lunch location if I don’t bring a packed one from home. They have a variety of options, varying from rice bowls, salads, burritos, jacket potatoes and more. There are also stores nearby such as Costa, Café Nero, and Tesco if I fancy something different. After lunch and lectures, I try to organize a group of friends together for dinner or just to gather together and hang out, whether it’s at a café in town or on campus. It is important, especially as an international student to make time for friends and to have fun. Lectures can be stressful sometimes, and spending quality times with a few friends is not solely to have a fun time, but necessary to have a healthy and balanced life at Uni.

Before I leave campus, I try to exercise at the gym or go for a run outside. While it is hard to stay motivated sometimes, I find that I feel so much better after a workout, whether it lasts 20 minutes or an hour. I find that exercising helps relax me, keeps me healthy, and clears my mind at the end of a stressful or hard day. Once I walk home, I make sure to shower and do some self-care routines before I finish up readings for Uni. It can be something as simple as cooking a homemade meal, painting my nails, or putting on a face mask to calm myself and reflect on my day. It also helps me get ready for bed and get a good night’s sleep for the next full day ahead.

University of Liverpool has a vast amount and variety of events to do around campus. While my days always vary, my typical Uni days do consist of lectures and hours in the library, which are vital for me to attend and do the best job I can in each class and in my degree. But with hard work and discipline, comes reward and fun-filled weekends with friends to travel with, to explore the city of Liverpool with, and to make memories with.