Independent Opportunities - Summer Schools

The University of Liverpool maintains a list of global institutions who offer short study abroad opportunities such as summer schools which are not formally recognised as an exchange partner. These can still be a brilliant alternative or addition to a longer period of time overseas, can boost your CV, improve language skills or just be a great way to spend a few weeks over summer.

Please note, there is no formal endorsement, partnership arrangement, approval or agreement between the below summer school providers and the University of Liverpool (UoL).

The UoL is not organising or funding these opportunities for students to study abroad.  Students planning to study abroad at providers listed on this page do so at their own risk and are solely responsible for making their own arrangements with these summer school providers outside of their planned programme of study. The UoL has no obligation or responsibility towards its students to support, facilitate, organise, transport, accommodate or otherwise fund their engagement with the overseas summer schools listed on this page.