Semester Abroad

At a glance

View the table below for a summary of the Semester Abroad programme:

DurationDoes it add time
to my degree?
Will I study modules
from my subject
Will it count
towards my 
1 semester
(4-6 months)
No Yes Yes

Exchange summary

You will go on exchange for a semester (around 4-6 months) in your second year or third year. This option does not add any extra time to your degree and is credit bearing.

  • Go abroad in second year: Three year degree programmes and four year degree programmes which include a Year in Industry
  • Go abroad in third year: All other four year degree programmes


Funding your period of Study Abroad is important to all students and requires some careful planning. Luckily, there are lots of funding opportunities available to students, both from the University of Liverpool and from other organisations.

View our funding pages to find out how you can get financial assistance towards your exchange.

Watch the Study Abroad webinar