What are Global Opportunities?

At the University of Liverpool, there are loads of opportunities for you to experience new cultures, graduate with an excellent degree and boost your employability through spending time abroad! Global Opportunities gives you the chance to spend either a part of your Liverpool degree or some of your summer vacation abroad. We have a number of options available to you:

The opportunies available will depend on your degree type, along with personal preferences such as climate, cost and the type of city. Browse our options to find the right experience for you. 

At a glance:



Does it add time
to my degree?

Will I
study modules
from my subject area?

When will I study abroad?

Clinical Rotations/ Placements

Dependent on degree programme



See here

Semester Abroad

1 semester 
(4-6 months)



A semester abroad usually takes place in second year for all 3-year degree programmes and 4-year degree programmes which include a Year in Industry. Students must apply in year 1!


Students on any other 4-year course should check with their International Opportunities Advisor (IOA) as a semester abroad may be available to take in either second or third year. Students must apply in year 2 for a semester abroad in year 3 (if this option is available)!

Summer Abroad

2-6 weeks


Dependent on programme type

Summer after years 1 or year 2 (and year three for specific programmes, see here) 

Year Abroad

1 academic year 

Yes- 1 additional year

It's up to you! You can study either study a majority of modules relating to the history/culture/language of your host country, or a majortiy of subject-related modules (but they don't have to be directly in your discipline at Liverpool).

Or you can opt for a combination of the above.


It depends on your degree. If you're on three year degree programme, you'll go between 2nd and 3rd year (and apply in 2nd year).

If you're on a 4-year integrated masters or a 5-year clinical programme, you can go either between Year 2 and 3 (apply in Year 2) OR Year 3 and 4 (apply in Year 3)

Year in China

1 academic year

Yes - 1 additional year

No - you will take China Studies & Chinese language modules

You can either take the Year in China after your 2nd or final year of study. See our YiC Integrated Masters list for any exceptions to this or programmes where students can choose which year they participate in Year in China (please apply in the academic year before you wish to travel).   

Please note, studying abroad in Europe currently falls under the Erasmus+ scheme. Erasmus+ is an EU funding initiative that gives students the opportunity to study at a partner university within the EU and EEA whilst receiving a grant to help cover some living expenses.

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