What about accommodation?

Where will I live while I’m abroad? is one of the most common questions students have about studying abroad. Here is some useful information about accommodation abroad and in Liverpool.

Accomodation Abroad

Accommodation at partner universities varies greatly. At some partners, it is mandatory for study abroad students to live on campus whereas other partners do not offer any university affiliated accommodation. Our online search tool provides basic information about accommodation at our partners including whether or not accommodation is guaranteed for study abroad students.

The Study Abroad Team can give basic advice on finding accommodation abroad, however, your host university will provide lots of guidance and support in finding a place to live in your new country.

Accomodation in Liverpool

Study Abroad Village

If you participate in the semester abroad programme, you can apply for a room for the semester you stay in Liverpool in University halls residence. The Study Abroad Village (Tudor Close and Melville Grove), is a fantastic and straightforward option for semester abroad students. You have the benefit of a one-semester contract and you get to live with other outbound study abroad students and our inbound exchange students from all over the world! What better way to continue your international journey?

Dover Court

All offers to study abroad are made in March. This is often a concern for students who are keen to make accommodation arrangements for their next year of study before study abroad offers are issued. We want to ensure that you have as many accommodation options as possible to suit your needs, therefore, you have the option to apply for a room in University halls of residence (Dover Court) as a back-up in case your application to study abroad is successful. Please note that rooms in Dover Court are allocated on a first come first served basis so you are encouraged to apply as early as possible as a back-up.

If your application to study abroad is successful, you can either withdraw from your Dover Court accommodation contract without incurring any financial penalties or the Study Abroad Team can arrange for your contract to be automatically transferred over to the Study Abroad Village. If you want to withdraw your accommodation contract, the deadline is 20th March 2020. If you're happy for your contract to be transferred to the Study Abroad Village (subject availability), all you have to do is accept the offer! 

Youu can apply for all UoL accommodation options via your Liverpool Life account.