How do I apply?

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for/be offered a place on one of our Study Abroad programmes, you must meet the following criteria:


    Semester Abroad
    • Be in your first year (three year degree programmes and four year degree programmes which include a Year in Industry) or second year (all other four year degree programmes).
    • Maintain an average mark across your modules in both Semesters (minimum 60%, but departments have discretion to require higher averages).
    • There must be one or more Partner Universities compatible with your degree programme.
    Year in China
    • Your degree must be listed as compatible with the Year in China on the search tool
    • Maintain an average mark of 40% across your modules in the year preceding Year in China, with no fails or re-sits
    • Students on eligible programmes that last 5 years or more should discuss their funding options with Student Finance before committing to the Year in China
    Summer Programmes
    • Be in any year of study except final year
    • No particular average mark is required but you must have passed all your modules