What is it?

Summer research students can apply to projects in subject areas across the university. They will spend between 4 and 12 weeks assisting one of our researchers in their work. 

All Summer Research projects are worth 15 Liverpool credits. Students will receive a transcript at the end of the programme with the grade and credits for the research module, which may be eligible for credit transfer to your home university. Students will also gain valuable research experience working alongside University of Liverpool academics.

The summer is a great time to be in Liverpool with lots of University and public events to enjoy. Summer research students have the option of staying in University accommodation and will have the full support of their academic supervisor and the Study Abroad team in Liverpool. Summer Research students will also have the option of participating in various cultural activities to help integrate them into life in Liverpool during their stay. Students also have access to all university facilities including the fitness centre, libraries, and the Guild of Students.

Who can apply?

The Summer Research Programme is open to any students who meet our admission criteria. Students from certain partner universities may be eligible to attend as an exchange student with a tuition-free place, please contact your home university’s study abroad office to see if this applies to you.


“I had the opportunity to work towards publishing a research paper, and am hopefully going to continue my research when I’m back home! It’s been way more publishing oriented at the undergraduate level than I was expecting. Also a fantastic spot for weekend travel in Europe or UK.”

“This let me experience living in a new city for a short period of time but long enough to get a good feel for the environment. I was able to spend the weekends exploring the city and immersing myself in its culture. I was also able to learn how the educational system/research culture is like at a different university, which was really cool.”