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Posted on: 8 January 2019 by Rochelle in 2018/19

Rochelle and friends

Rochelle is studying in Liverpool on exchange from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Here she shares her top foodie tips in Liverpool!

Food – it’s a universal language and is loved by all around the world. Who knew that it would play such an important role in my study abroad experience? Having travelled to the University of Liverpool from Monash University, Australia, this was my first experience living out of home and having to fend for myself. Being in a completely new environment was daunting and I found myself overwhelmed at the prospect of starting completely from scratch.

It didn’t matter how many ‘easy student meals’ videos I watched – there was always something I was missing or something that required too many utensils for someone only staying for one semester – I found myself missing my pantry almost as much as my family!

I’ve since learned that there are so many options in Liverpool for eating well AND inexpensively while studying abroad.

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Liverpool is such a student-friendly food city. Given the university’s close proximity to town means that you can explore loads of different cuisines on your own two feet! Doing a bit of research beforehand definitely helps – there are plenty of places that offer lunch deals or ‘early bird’ specials, which are perfect for when you’re hungry after a day of lectures and seminars and don’t want to cook. Most places will ask you if you’re a student and offer you a discount without you asking! There are heaps of options on campus for you to try too – The Sphinx and The Font are great, affordable hangouts for a bite or a drink and are open quite late too.

Joining clubs and societies on campus is also a fantastic way to make new friends and meet-ups usually involve food! I’ve attended a cookie-baking event and have gotten involved with cultural societies where I’ve been able to meet people from different countries. The University of Liverpool has hundreds of societies so there’s bound to be one that catches your fancy.

If you live on-campus, you can have nights where someone cooks their traditional cuisine – this way you can try authentic food and have a night off from cooking! Another fun idea is to have themed nights with your flatmates. It’s a great bonding experience and everyone can get involved. We had a Mexican night which was one of the simplest, but best and most fun meals that I’ve had at home!

Finally, remember that you’re in a new place experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by studying abroad! Treat yourself – go to a fancy restaurant on Bold Street, try donuts from town, get ice cream at Albert Dock…the opportunities are endless!

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