Studying in Liverpool: My favourite things about the city

Posted on: 21 October 2018 by Amishaa in 2018/19

amishaa and friends

Amishaa is from Monash University in Melbourne and shares her favourite things about living in Liverpool!

I have now been living in Liverpool for over a month. Though I have not been here long, I have already accumulated a list of things I love about this town. Every day I see, hear or experience something new and I know this list will continue to grow. Although at times I do miss my home in Melbourne, it is nice to know that I have small comforts dotted around the town.

1. The people

Liverpool is a multi-cultural city filled with weird, wacky and wonderful people. One of my favourite sights in the city is seeing women walking around with hair rollers and no one batting an eye. I still find it amusing every time I see it but it’s one of the things I love about this town.

amishaa and friends

 2. Costa.

Costa may be UK wide but it has honestly been quite life changing for me in Liverpool. Nothing can match the coffee we get at home but the hot chocolates here are something else. I am pretty sure that the Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate (limited edition sadly) is one of the best drinks I have ever had and it’s always nice to sip on something warm when the weather gets cooler.

3. Donuts.

I have had a few friends come and visit me in Liverpool and the one place I always take them is the donut stand in the city centre. Warm, freshly-baked donuts doused in sugar. Need I say more?

4. Football mania.

If you want to see pure Liverpool passion and pride, come into town when the Liverpool Football Club is playing. The streets are full of people wearing the club shirts and singing along. It creates such a lively atmosphere and makes football fun even if you’re not a football fan!

Amishaa Liverpool

5. Bold Street – food, food, food.

Exploring the variety of different cuisines on Bold Street has become a weekly adventure. There are so many unique and affordable places to eat and only a short 15-minute walk from campus! It’s easy on the bank account but not so much on the waistline.

There are still so many places in Liverpool that I’m yet to discover and I cannot wait to venture out and find more gems across the town.


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