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Posted on: 26 November 2018 by Anna in 2018/19

Hong Kong

Anna shares her experience of a semester in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is nothing you can expect or imagine. It’s a huge city, with a beautiful landscape and a culture with deep heritage. I woke up every morning with a view of the bustling city set against the grassy mountains. I’m not sure there’s anywhere in the world where a morning commute involves a sea breeze rushing past your face as you board a rustic boat to the university campus. The university itself is brimming with innovation, ideas and aspirations from expats and locals alike. You can start your day strategizing projects with local Chinese students and finish your day having made friends with expats from every corner of the world.

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Hong Kong is a hub for business and creativity, it attracts people from all backgrounds and experiences which make the education experience truly enriching. Because of Hong Kong’s role being the connection between China and Europe it positions itself as one of the most internationally inclusive cities to work in and visit. I was lucky enough to witness the strong work ethic of my local peers and feel this has influenced my drive to tackle challenges in my studies. Not only did the diversity of university life set it apart from any other, but the wider social opportunities outside the day to day studies allowed active participation in a culture truly unique to South East Asia. From the intimate outdoor markets selling fresh fish and homemade spiced dumplings to the nightly light shows screened on skyscrapers which would paint the sky with a mass of technicolour.

Hong Kong

One of the most unique events I experienced was the Chinese New Year celebrations. The sharing of food and wine and the merriment lasted for days, was outdoors and inclusive. Study abroad gives students the chance to explore the multi-religious beliefs of locals, in this instance Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, which made celebrations and festivals more meaningful and inspiring.

 My experience was in south East Asia and has fostered in me a wish to explore further. I am keen to share these experiences and encourage others to take similar opportunities!




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