Emergency help when abroad

What to do if you need emergency support while studying abroad or you need to replace a lost or stolen passport.

The Study Abroad team have teamed up with International SOS to help support you while you are studying abroad. More information can be found on their webpage.

Lost or stolen passport

You should report the loss or theft to the local police.

The police will give you a police report or some confirmation that the crime has been reported, which may contain a crime reference number.

It is extremely important that you keep this document safe.

The police crime report is required for the following reasons:

  • For the embassy when making an application for a travel document and a temporary visa
  • When making an application for a replacement visa and a new passport
  • When passing through immigration to return either back to the UK or home
  • If submitting an insurance claim with your insurance provider.

Contact your nearest embassy in the country where you are staying and find out how to apply for a new passport or travel document. Try and find out whether you need an appointment and how long it will take to obtain the replacement.

You will not be able to apply for a visa to return to the UK without a passport or travel document.

It is worth noting that in most situations a travel document should be sufficient to make your visa application. However, if the Entry Clearance Officer does not accept the travel document for travel to the UK, you may be required to obtain a new full passport.