Speakout Research Flyer

Tackling online harassment

In support of its zero-tolerance stance on harassment, the University of Liverpool (UoL) is conducting research about online harassment on its campus, to critically examine the extent of these practices so that we can better understand how to tackle, challenge and prevent them. Dr. Craig Haslop and Dr. Fiona O’Rourke are currently conducting interviews with students about their experiences of online abuse and harassment. These interviews aim to give students the opportunity to speak out about their experiences.

Information gathered from these interviews will be used to inform university-based initiatives that aim to tackle online harassment. If you are a UoL student who has experienced online abuse and harassment and would like to speak to our researchers about your experiences, please contact them on the following email address - F.O-Rourke@liverpool.ac.uk. All interview participants will  receive a £15 voucher to cover their time.