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The University of Liverpool takes the issue of online harassment seriously and is committed to tackling, challenging and preventing it on our campus. If alleged incidents of online misconduct are reported, they will be taken seriously and may lead to disciplinary action in the same way as incidents that take place in face-to-face settings.

Reporting to the University

The University has a formal procedure for dealing with serious cases of student misconduct. For more information about this formal procedure, please see this section. If you wish to report an incident of harassment or hate crime to the University, please contact Student Welfare Advice and Guidance by phone, email or in person at the Alsop Building on Brownlow Hill (building 759, ref E7 on the campus map).

Contact details

Student Welfare Advice and Guidance

0151 794 5863 (reception) 

Reporting to the Police

If you wish to report an incident of harassment or hate crime to the Police, you can do so directly by calling 999 (for emergencies) or 101 (for non-emergencies). There is also the option of reporting online for non-emergencies. You could also drop into your local police station: see here for information about how to find it (within Liverpool).

You may wish to report the incident to the University who may pursue disciplinary proceedings: see this section for information about criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

Report to social media sites

Many social media sites show you how to report abusive or offensive content, which violates the terms and conditions of their use, such as abusive language and/or images that constitute online harassment and bullying. By reporting online harassment to the relevant social media site(s), they can take action against users who abuse the terms of service. More information, see the weblinks below:


How to report


Instagram Help Center (follow the link to the Privacy and Safety Center)


Twitter Safety Center


Snapchat Support  (follow the link to Policies & Safety)


YouTube Policy and Safety Hub