Report + Support

At the University of Liverpool we are committed to promoting diversity and equality, and providing a supportive and inclusive environment on campus for all our students and staff to live, study and work. We take a firm approach to dealing with actions that have a negative impact on the safety and wellbeing of our community.

Report + Support is an online platform where you can report an incident and receive support from a Wellbeing Advisor. You can also report anonymously. We, therefore, want to encourage our staff and students to report the following types of behaviour through Report and Support:

  • discrimination
  • misconduct
  • hate crime
  • harassment
  • domestic abuse
  • sexual assault

It can feel difficult to report an incident but doing so will enable the University to get a full picture of what is happening within our community. This knowledge can help us take targeted action and in the future, better support others who may face similar experiences. It may feel daunting to report any incident but the University can support you through the reporting process.