Previous Study

Students who have studied previously, or have repeated years may have restricted access to student support.

Previous study and repeat years

Support is normally available for the length of the new course, plus one additional year if needed (i.e. a repeat year), minus any years of previous Higher Education study (whether or not funding was received). These rules apply to the Tuition Fee Loan, Maintenance Grant and Special Support Grant (the Maintenance Loan is unaffected). Students needing to repeat years, suspend or transfer, should contact the Financial Support Team for advice on the financial implications.

Students who graduated from their first degree

Students who already hold an honours degree from a UK institution are not eligible for Maintenance Loan support for a second degree, unless they are on a course leading to a professional qualification, including:

  • Medical doctor (including the graduate entry course)
  • Dentist (including the graduate entry course)
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Architect
  • Health Sciences

Supplementary grants, such as Parents' Learning Allowance, Adult Dependants' Grant and Childcare Grant will still be payable. 

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