Gas, electricity and water

If these are not included in your rent you will need to pay for these separately. Prices are constantly changing so try to check with people you know to see what they are paying in similar accommodation.

Many suppliers offer a discount if you pay by direct debit and order your services online.

Contents insurance

It is worth taking out an insurance policy to cover items such as bikes, laptops or music players. Check first that you are not covered by your landlord's or parents' policy.


Decide whether you need a landline as well as a mobile. You will need one in many cases if you want Internet, although you could consider mobile data if you only ever need light, lower speed use.

Many companies offer 'bundles', which include landline, internet, TV and even mobile. These can be good value but check the minimum contract terms. Most are at least 12 months.

Wired internet connections are available and included in your rent in most university accommodation - and there are TV areas.

See our guide on cutting the cost of phone and broadband.

TV licence

If you want to watch or record live TV in your room, house or apartment, you will probably need a TV licence. You can buy this online.

Here are the main points:-

  • If you are sharing a house or apartment with others under a single tenancy agreement, you will only need one licence between you.
  • If you are occupying a room or flat in a shared house with your own tenancy agreement, you will need your own TV licence.
  • If you no longer need your TV licence you can claim a refund for any quarters (blocks of three months) that you have not used.

Visit the TV Licensing student page to find out everything you need to know.

Council tax

Registered full-time students do not need to pay council tax. You can order your exemption certificate via Liverpool Life or from the Student Administration Centre.


Most banks offer students interest-free overdrafts and other benefits. Shop around for the best deal for you using comparison websites or the Money Saving Expert website. When you open your account you will still need to apply for the overdraft facility.