For most students the largest expense is accommodation. Costs can vary quite a lot depending on whether you choose to live in university accommodation, private halls or a private house.

You should check carefully the length of your tenancy before signing the agreement. The amount of weeks varies greatly, from as little as 32 weeks for university catered halls, up to 52 week contracts which can work out very costly. All the university accommodation costs are detailed on the University of Liverpool Accommodation website.

Students who choose to live in university accommodation or private halls of residence will normally have utility bills included in the cost of their rent. Students choosing to live a private house may have to budget for utility bills separately.

If you are a NHS funded student, your income is paid differently to other students, and this may affect your ability to meet your accommodation payments on time. For example, many landlords, private halls of residences, and the University expect the rent to be paid at the start of each term, some even insist on payment in two instalments at the start of each semester. Whilst this is difficult enough when you are getting your funding in three instalments, it becomes even more difficult when part of your funding is paid monthly over the whole year, so that you actually receive part of it when your are not on your course. How will you manage your income so that you can meet your commitments?

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