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Dongle application for students in financial hardship and digital poverty


Students in financial hardship, who have insufficient data/broadband speed to undertake academic work remotely, can apply for a for a mobile broadband “Mi-Fi” device, which will provide 4G access to the internet through a monthly data allowance.  

To apply:

  • Set up a One Drive folder to save evidence needed to support your application. If necessary, please use the Onedrive folder instructionsOnedrive folder instructions  If you have difficulties. please email tscriven@liverpool.ac.uk for advice.
  • Once you have set up your One Drive folder, please upload your tenancy agreement and one months bank statement for your main account.  All banks provide monthly pdf statements, accessible via online banking. Please note we cannot accept screenshots of bank accounts from laptops or phones, or data exported to excel spreadsheets.
  • Once you have saved the evidence, please share your folder with tscriven@liverpool.ac.uk
  • After sharing your evidence, please complete the dongle application form