Self Help Guides

Developed by clinical psychologists, we have a wide range of guides for you to use.

Our self-help guides have been written by clinical psychologists and provide suggestions for simple ways in which you can begin to make positive changes. They contain practical advice and support for a range of issues that may be affecting your sense of wellbeing. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of high-quality self-help materials in the treatment of mild to moderate psychological problems. 

The guides are accessible, easy to use and short (20-30 pages). Each guide is also available as an audio file – you may find listening an easier way to access the materials, especially if you are finding it hard to concentrate on written materials. 

Please feel free to download them for your own use. We hope they will be helpful to you but if your problem does not improve please make sure to seek further help. 

Talk to us 

If you would like to talk to someone about any difficulties you are experiencing we can help. Visit our Mental Wellbeing intranet page for information about the services available, or book an appointment with one of our experienced and friendly Wellbeing Advisors.  

Speak to a Wellbeing Advice and Guidance advisor

If you are unable to find an answer to your query on our web pages you can book an online confidential one-one appointment.