Meet the Team

Our mission is to spread awareness, create a unique social presence, and signpost mental health services available to students all while engaging students with content and creating a network of friendly faces through our digital platforms.

Our team comprises of a diverse group of students attending the University of Liverpool. With a diverse academic and personal background, we wish to prioritise inclusivity in all things we do. We recognise that many young people struggle with their mental health during their university studies and offer a unique student-led perspective on matters involving mental health including anxiety, depression, managing finances, and marginalised groups of people.

Who’s who:

  • Beth (Chair) – BSc Psychology
  • Robyn (Secretary) – MSc International Business
  • Ollie – BA Geography
  • Nujhat – BA Law
  • Sam – MSc Marketing

What we’ve been up to:

So far, the team has been involved in a range of projects including professional voice recordings for Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) for their national training project detailing multiple suicide prevention scenarios we may find ourselves in. We were very hands-on in the development of this campaign assisting in providing feedback on the scenario scripts and original photography and voice recordings for the scenarios.

We have also been involved in the process of designing a ‘wellbeing wall’ to be displayed in the Sydney Jones and Harold Cohen library. Although we hoped to have this up earlier, the process has been really rewarding as the team have presented ideas to Santander Universities, developed the concept for the visual aspect and commissioned a local artist (Sophie Green) to represent our commitment to student wellbeing in the best way possible.

Finally, if you’ve interacted with one of the university’s mental health workshops, you may have noticed some of our in-house banner designs and promotional material to go alongside the work we did consulting on the workshop topics.

This year:

We aim to bring some podcast content your way this new year and many more blogs, as well as the opening of the ‘wellbeing wall’ in both libraries. We also hope to collaborate with other societies and Liverpool locals to provide a safe space of community on campus and expand on the work done by the university mental health team.

We understand that sometimes mental health can’t be explained. Not all mental health matters are black and white, we want to create content for students that recognise the importance of mindfulness and personal wellbeing. By providing a network of students around Liverpool focused on supporting the mental health of students, we are proud to be contributing to existing mental health projects, such as ZSA and creating our own pathway digitally.