UK Visitor Visa

Who is the Visitor visa for?

A Visitor visa can be used by students who need to enter the UK for a short study period of up to 6 months, re-take an examination or sit a viva. It can also be used by family or friends to visit you whilst you are here as a student or to attend your graduation.

If one of your visitors will be under the age of 18 years, they will need to provide extra evidence in support of their visa application, more details on this visa below.

Requirements for a Visitor visa

A Visitor must be able to show that they intend to return to their home country.

They must not intend to remain in the UK longer than 6 months.

They must not be using this visa route to live in the UK, therefore, if they have held a Standard Visitor visa in the recent past and spent a significant amount of time in the UK, such as 6 months, they may need to provide additional evidence to prove they are not misusing the visa route. 

They must not work or conduct business whilst in the UK.

They must show that they have adequate funds for their visit.

Funds required

There is no official guideline on the amount of money which a person must have to visit the UK. 

The officer processing the application will look at the financial information provided and make a balanced assessment on whether this is enough for the visitor. They will look to see if there is enough money to cover the cost of travelling to the UK, remaining in the UK for the period specified, the activities they will pursue once in the UK and the return or onward journey.

Most guides recommend approximately £70+ per day for a visitor.

How to apply

Some nationals (called non-visa nationals) can obtain, or are automatically deemed to have if using the e-gates, a ‘Visitor’ visa on arrival to the UK. To find out if you or your visitors require a visa prior to travelling to the UK, use the UK government's interactive tool. There is no charge for those who are able to obtain the visa on arrival to the UK.

For nationals who do need to obtain the visa prior to travelling (called visa nationals) the application must be made online at (those in North Korea must apply on a paper form, VAF1A (General)). The current fee is £95 and this is paid in the country where the application is made. All supporting documents must be provided with the application, and a list of these is available below.

Nationals of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates qualify under the Electronic Visa Waiver Scheme and so do not need obtain a Visitor visa before travelling, but should apply under the EVW scheme.

Supporting documents

Please note, supporting documents can be requested from non-visa nationals who require a Visitor visa on arrival in the UK.

The following documents are required for students who obtain a Visitor visa for a short study period or to sit a viva or re-take an exam:  

  • Passport
  • Financial evidence such as bank statements and for the past 3 months.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Liverpool.
  • A student status letter or offer letter from the University of Liverpool - If you are a new student of the University who will be using the Visitor visa to study for a short period, up to 6 months, then you should use your offer letter from the University as evidence of this. If you are currently enrolled with us and will be re-taking exams or sitting a viva you should request a letter confirming this from the Student Administration team, please email

The following documents are required for family/friends of students who are applying for a Visitor visa:  

  • Family/friend passport(s).
  • If your visitor is supporting themselves financially, they must submit bank statements and wage slips for the past 3 months.
  • If you are supporting your visitor financially, you must submit bank statements for the past 3 months.
  • Evidence of suitable accommodation arrangements such as a hotel booking confirmation or a letter from the landlord/accommodation provider (see A below).
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport.
  • A copy of your current student visa - your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).
  • An enrolment or graduation status letter (see B below).
  • A letter of invitation from you (see C below).
  • A letter from your visitor (see D below).
  • A letter from your visitor's employer or school confirming their employment/enrolment.

A, Accommodation

Your visitor must have suitable accommodation in the UK for the duration of their stay. 

If you live in rented accommodation and intend for your visitor to stay with you, you will need your landlord's permission.

They will need to write a letter confirming that they are happy for the visitor to stay with you.

You can view an example letter by clicking this link - Landlord letter template

B, Enrolment or Graduation Status Letter

An enrolment status letter confirms details of your current study at the University of Liverpool. This can be requested through 'Liverpool Life'. Please note that these usually take between 3-5 working days to be processed. For further information, please see the Student Administration website.

graduation status letter can only be requested after you have submitted your intention to attend your graduation ceremony through the graduation portal.

To request a graduation status letter please email

C, A letter of Invitation from you

In order for someone to visit the UK it helps for them to show that they have been invited by you as a student of the University.

The letter of invitation should provide the following points:

  • Who you are and why you are in the UK.
  • Who you are inviting to visit you, their relationship to you.
  • How long you intend for them to visit you and the reason for the visit.
  • If your visitor will accommodate and finance themselves, confirmation of this.
  • If you intend to provide accommodation, confirmation of this.
  • If you intend to provide finance, confirmation of this.
  • That you know you will be standing as sponsor and that you will ensure they return to their home country.
  • That you hope the Standard Visitor visa will be granted.

You can view an example letter by clicking this link - Visitor Visa Letter.

D, A letter from your Visitor

The letter from your visitor should explain who they are, why they are visiting the UK, who you are, your status in the UK and what plans they have for their time in the UK. 

The letter should also provide details of their life in their home country, such as their employment, study or family and also explain that they will return home after visiting you. If your visitor is in employment, they should obtain a letter from their employer confirming their position in the company, that the period of leave for the visit has been agreed and confirmation that they will be expected to return to employment and that their position will remain open for them to do so.

If they are supporting themselves whilst in the UK, they should explain this. However, if you are supporting your visitor, either financially or providing accommodation, or both, this should be explained in their letter.

Child visitors

If your visitor will be under the age of 18 years, the application requirements are very similar to the adult visitors, but in addition evidence must be shown which confirms:

  • Adequate arrangements are in place to ensure that the child remains safe during travel,
  • Adequate arrangements are in place to ensure that the child has somewhere to stay whilst in the UK, and
  • Adequate arrangements are in place to ensure that the child will be cared for whilst in the UK.

For details of the additional evidence, in particular if the child will not be travelling with their parent or other adult, please see the UK government webpage here

If you have any questions about this, please contact International Advice and Guidance for further advice.

Additional information and support

Keep a copy of the full application and any supporting documents. This is important if their application is refused.

Please read the UK government website for further details and use the UK government website for full details of the requirements of each document needed.

If the application is refused, there is no right of appeal. A second application can be submitted, if so, please check the refusal notice carefully and ensure the reasons for refusal are addressed in the second application. 

Visitors in the UK

Whilst in the UK, visitors cannot access free medical treatment through the NHS, with the exception of some limited services such as Accident & Emergency, for details see here.

Your visitor must obtain medical health insurance before travelling to the UK.

Visitors cannot change (switch) to any other type of visa whilst in the UK.

Visitor visas cannot be extended and will expire on the date stated on the visa, or 6 months after entry if you are 'deemed' to hold Visitor leave due to using egates.