Drop-In Services

The Counselling Service offers an additional way of receiving support at difficult or stressful times for those people who do not necessarily wish to register for ongoing counselling.

Drop-In times

For 2018, Student Services is running one drop-in service for all students. Depending on your needs you may speak with an adviser from Advice and Guidance, a counsellor from the Counselling Service or a Mental Health Adviser. All you need to do is go to the Student Welfare Advice and Guidance reception desk in the Alsop Building.

Drop-in sessions are available 11am-1pm Monday to Friday.

Additional drop-in sessions will run throughout September from 2pm-3.30pm

Drop-In sessions with a counsellor

During this time you will have an opportunity to discuss whatever problems or issues that are causing you difficulties with a qualified counsellor. Whilst this is not a full counselling session as such, it will provide you with some space and time to consider how your problems are affecting you and possible ways forward.

If after this session you feel that ongoing counselling would be helpful, you can then of course choose to register fully with the Service and you will be allocated a time to see a counsellor as soon as possible. 

People registering for ongoing counselling with the Service have the option of requesting to see either a female or male counsellor if they prefer. This choice may not always be available at the drop-in sessions.

Our aim with the Drop-in Service is to provide flexible support service for people who do not necessarily want to register for ongoing counselling, or for those who are uncertain as to the best sort of support for them.

The availability of drop-in may change during vacations.  Please visit this page regularly for details of temporary changes.

Men's Space

Men are sometimes reluctant to seek out support for themselves when they are experiencing difficulties. Whether it is because they fear they might be seen as  ‘weak' or ‘unable to cope', or perhaps just don't know how to go about it. Men's emotional well-being is a serious issue with increasing numbers of men  experiencing emotional distress. However, when men do to talk to others and seek out support, they often find it to be invaluable and can quickly re-establish their own coping strategies. 

"Men's Space" is a drop-in service where male students can speak to a male counsellor, which is not always possible during the weekday drop-in.

Tuesday afternoon between 2.00pm and 3.00pm

The Counselling Service
14 Oxford Street

Just turn up - no prior booking is needed and you do not need to be registered with the Counselling Service to use this facility. 

Appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis (the last appointment time is at 2.40pm).

You will have an opportunity to speak with a male counsellor about any issue that is concerning you. You don't need to register with the  Counselling Service either, but can decide to do so if you feel that would be beneficial to you.