Shaun Rigby

After four years at The University of Liverpool, I successfully graduated with an integrated Masters degree in Ocean Science (MOSci). I chose to study ocean science via the physics route, meaning I completed a variety of physics modules at the university while still studying all aspects of ocean science available. This combination of work has provided me with a good mathematical background, suitable for processing large datasets and using complex models to understand ocean biogeochemistry.

I am supervised by Dr. A. Tagliabue (UoL), Prof. Ric Williams (UoL) and Prof. E. Achterberg (GEOMAR). The goal of the project is to combine data obtained by the supervisory team with current the GEOTRACES dataset, hence improving our current view of nutrient distributions. Participating in future research cruises will improve our understanding further.  The final aim of the work is to assess the controls of surface iron concentrations and how that concentration may impact atmospheric carbon dioxide.