Rutambhara Joshi

I am a first year NERC DTP funded student based in Manchester at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS).

My research will be focusing on the study of the source of pollutant aerosols in Beijing. I am fascinated by Black Carbon (BC) in particular as its emission has significant impacts on the Earth’s climate, public health, and the environment. During my PhD I will have the opportunity to do field work in Beijing, where I will be collecting my own data using a combination of ground-based instruments. After the campaign, I will analyse these data to understand the physical, chemical and optical behaviour of BC. 

Prior to my PhD I completed an MPhys at the University of Leicester. During my degree I was able to participate in various courses and projects focused on remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere. These experiences generated an interest in atmospheric science, which continues to drive and motivate me during my PhD. The best parts of the NERC DTP are that I get the opportunity to travel to new places for conferences, training events/workshops and social activities. I also enjoy the sense of community involved in the programme: it has been very comforting to meet and train with people from different backgrounds starting the DTP with me.