Ben Phillips

I am a NERC DTP-CASE funded PhD student based at the National Oceanography Centre and the Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool. During my PhD I will be extending the capability of a coastal vector evolution model to include a sediment transport formulation for gravel barrier coastlines. Once validated against historic trends in shoreline recession, the model will assess the future evolution of gravel barriers under various management strategies (e.g. ‘hold the line’) and future wave climates, and how this impacts the long-term flood risk A cost-benefit analysis will then be developed to understand the cost of management schemes in present day values and to determine the increase in resilience generated by different options. Prior to this I obtained a first class honours in BSc Geography, and undertook an MPhil where I used a storm impact model to explore the role of different input bathymetries in controlling wave overtopping volume, both at the University of Liverpool.