Amy Hughes

I am a Ph.D. student in the volcanology research group at the University of Liverpool. My research focus is on volcanic flank instability and collapse. Stratovolcanoes are complex with flanks made of various volcanic materials that are affected by hydrothermal circulation and magma migration within a varying stress field. The aim of my project is to experimentally classify the strength of a variety of edifice building volcanic products and evaluate how variables affect the stability and the nature of failure. A large part of my study will focus on the frictional properties of these rocks at various temperatures using the high velocity shear apparatus at the University of Liverpool. Fieldwork will be conducted several volcanoes including El Misti (Peru) and Askja (Iceland) in the first 2 years of my study.

Prior to undertaking this project I completed an MGeol in Geology in which my research interests were fault rock products on mature faults. Now the DTP facilitates further training throughout the Ph.D. as well as support of a dynamic cohort.