Amy Hughes

I am a Ph.D. student in the volcanology research group at the University of Liverpool. My research focus is on volcanic flank instability and collapse. Stratovolcanoes are complex with flanks made of various volcanic materials that are affected by hydrothermal circulation and magma migration within a varying stress field

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Archit Mehra

I'm a PhD student in the NERC DTP based in SEES at The University of Manchester. I am investigating the pollution in Beijing using TOF-CIMS ; I will be collecting data from the field in November 2016 and again in the summer of 2017 and aim to analyse this data to help understand the composition of the pollution in Beijing. I completed an MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience from the University of Manchester before starting my PhD. 

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Ben Esse

I am a first year PhD student in the Petrology-volcanology group at the University of Manchester, funded by a NERC DTP-CASE studentship. My area of research is in the use of UV spectroscopy to mitigate the risks posed by airborne volcanic ash

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Ben Phillips

I am a NERC DTP-CASE funded PhD student based at the National Oceanography Centre and the Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool. During my PhD I will be extending the capability of a coastal vector evolution model to include a sediment transport formulation for gravel barrier coastlines.

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Elliot Carter

During my PhD I am aiming to explore the noble gas and halogen systematics of ophiolites. These are sections of oceanic crust and mantle thrust onto the continents during mountain building events. I am working with Brian O’Driscoll, Ray Burgess and Patricia Clay in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester and funded by NERC.

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Joseph Grappone

I am a PhD student in the Geomagnetism Laboratory at the University of Liverpool, designing a new, completely automated high-temperature magnetometer system.  I’m from Virginia and graduated from Caltech in June 2016 with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Geophysics. 

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Liping Ma

I will examines how different atmospheric regimes affect the ocean heat storage and overturning in the North Atlantic Ocean and the wider climate system.The prevailing view is that much of the ocean variability in heat storage in the North Atlantic is understood in terms of slowly varying climate modes, i.e. fixed pressure patterns such as the North Atlantic Oscillation.

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Madeleine Moyle

I am based in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool undertaking a CASE studentship partnered with Natural England. My research is focused on the impact of human activity on catchment phosphorus (P) flux at Crose Mere, a SSSI in north Shropshire.

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Matthew Varnam

Based in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at The University of Manchester, I am a first year NERC DTP student investigating volcanic gas emissions through the use of an SO2 camera. Volcanic eruptions affect many thousands of people every year, so new tools for understanding their processes helps prevent damage and save lives.

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Nicholas Harvey

I am a NERC DTP-CASE student at the University of Manchester, in association with Chester Zoo. My research focuses on the Eastern black rhinoceros and aims to investigate whether we can apply conservation physiology to improve the management and breeding success of the populations in Kenya, primarily through hormone analysis.

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Rutambhara Joshi

I am a first year NERC DTP funded student based in Manchester at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS). My research will be focusing on the study of the source of pollutant aerosols in Beijing

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Shaun Rigby

I am a NERC DTP funded student based at The University of Liverpool with GEOMAR – Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research as a CASE partner. My PhD will primarily focus on mechanisms that drive global distributions of iron, furthered by studying how this distribution relates to other macro- and micro- nutrients to govern phytoplankton community structures and primary production rates.

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Waldemar Scledewitz

I graduated from the University of Mainz in Germany in spring 2016 and gained a Diploma in Meteorology for working on the analysis of en masse data from a holographic air probe and their distinction in noise and real data.

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Zoltan Taracsak

I’m a currently a 1st year PhD student in the EAO NERC DTP at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester. My project is igneous petrology/geochemistry related: “Melt generation, mixing and degassing at El Hierro, Canary Islands” and will involve studying basaltic samples from the island.

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