Stavros Keppas

I have started my PhD in September 2014 at University of Manchester. My studies are focused on relating remote sensing with in-situ cloud microphysical properties data, provided by aircrafts. The main aim of this research is the broadening of the existing knowledge about the cloud microphysics as it is captured by remote sensing instruments, and especially by dual-polarization radars. The advantage of these radars is that they can provide us with many useful parameters, which can give information about the shape and the phase of the cloud particles. A well-structured knowledge on cloud microphysics could assist in better nowcast alarms for severe weather and improvement of forecast modelling, taking into account more reliable data of higher quality, counting in more details of cloud microphysics. My supervisor suggested that I could take part in one or more aircraft projects to collect the data. Concerning the radar data, Chilbolton will be used. 

The DTP offers to me a variety of courses, lectures and seminars that give me the chance to expand my knowledge on atmospheric science and programming. 

As part of my studies, I have already experienced a great week at University of Warwick, where I attended interactive NCAS courses in a wide range of subjects in Atmospheric Sciences. Furthermore, great relationships have been developed between the DTP students of Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, a fact that will help us all in exchanging our different points of scientific view.