Suspending your studies

‌You may find it necessary at some point during your programme to suspend your studies. This of course may be for a variety of reasons, which can be personal, financial or academic. 

The University has a number of support services available for you if you need guidance or advice. In all cases, we advise you to discuss any possibility of suspension with your School and, in particular, your Personal Tutor. Please try not to make a hasty decision to withdraw from a course.

Any suspension of studies has an impact on your tuition and accommodation fees and it is therefore important that you let us know formally what you are intending to do as soon as possible. 

If you do decide to suspend your studies, you will need to complete a Suspension of Studies Form and have this approved by your School. Failure to inform the University in this way means that tuition fee liability continues to accrue.

Download the Suspension of Studies form (pdf).

If you do suspend your studies, you will be reminded by letter to contact the University at least one month prior to your intended return date to confirm that you will be returning to study.  After you have done this, you will be able to confirm your return back on campus online in the normal way.

If you are supported by a tuition fee loan from the SLC, you should note the loan liability dates in the table below and ensure that you understand fully the proportion of you loan you will be liable for in the event of your suspension.

Loan liability date for proportion of tuition fee loan 

Payment by SLC to University Proportion of full year's fee paid to the University by SLC 
25 September 2017 3rd Wednesday in October


8 January 2018 1st Wednesday in February


9 April 2018 1st Wednesday in May


If you are an international student studying on a Tier 4 visa and you suspend your studies, the University will report your suspension to the UK Home Office and you will be required to leave the UK as your Tier 4 visa will then be curtailed (cancelled). You will then be required to apply for a new visa before you return to your studies after suspension.  For more advice on immigration issues please contact the International Support Team in the Student Services Centre

All students are encouraged to read the Student Fee Payment Policy 2017/18 in order to understand their fee liability in the event of their suspension of studies.