Personal information

Change of name

If you change your name after you have formally registered, or you notice that there has been an error in the way it has been recorded, you will need to contact the Student Administration Centre by post, in person or by email.

Any changes of name need to be supported by official documentation such as your passport, deed poll or marriage certificate.

Check or change you mobile phone number

  • Login to Liverpool Life
  • On the Personal Details portlet, use the dropdown menu to select 'Update address(es) and phone(s)'
  • The first item on this screen will display your mobile telephone number if the University has a record of this.
  • If no number is shown or the number is incorrect, select 'Update these phone nos' and enter the correct number

Check or change your permanent address

Your permanent address is your normal home address (i.e. where you live when not at University). The University will already have a permanent address for you that will have been entered as part of the admissions process. However you should now check that this address is correct so that you receive any correspondence sent by the University.

On the 'Update Address(es) and Phone(s)' section of Liverpool Life, you will have the opportunity to enter or update three addresses. The first, the 'Graduation Address', is not required at this stage – you will be asked to enter this when you are preparing to graduate at the completion of your programme of study. The second is 'Permanent Address' and you should now check that this is correct. If not, you can correct the address by clicking the 'Update this Address' link that is highlighted in red against the permanent address section.

You should also check that the telephone number for your permanent address has been entered and is correct. If not the link 'Update these phone nos' in the permanent address section will allow you to enter the correct number.

Check or change your term-time address

Your term time address is the address that you will live at whilst attending the University.

For students in University Halls of Residence
If you have made arrangements to live in University Halls of Residence (not residences offered by the private sector), your term time address will be automatically entered by the University's Accommodation Office. Please note that this address may only be visible from the start of term.

All other accommodation
If you are staying in private halls of residence, have arranged your own accommodation or are staying during the term at your permanent address, you must check or enter the details in the term time address section. If you are living at the same address throughout the year (i.e. if your permanent and term time address are the same), it is important that you enter the address in both sections.

  • Login to Liverpool Life
  • On the Personal Details portlet, use the dropdown menu to select 'Update address(es) and phone(s)'
  • Click on 'Update Address(es) and Phone(s)'
  • Check your term time address, telephone number and type of term time accommodation
  • To correct your term time address click on 'Update this Address' link highlighted in red
  • To correct your telephone number, click on 'Update these phone nos'
  • To correct the type of accommodation, click on 'Update the accommodation type'

Your Emergency Contact

The Emergency Contact is the person who you would wish us to contact in the very unlikely event of you being involved in an accident or similar occurrence. You may have more than one emergency contact and can put these in order of priority. The University will initially attempt to contact the first person on the list. If, however, we are unsuccessful in making contact then we will attempt to contact the second person on the list - and so on.

Check or change your emergency contact

  • Login to Liverpool Life
  • On the Personal Details portlet, use the dropdown menu to select 'View / update emergency contact information'
  • Use the link highlighted in red 'Click here to add a new emergency contact' to add your emergency contact details.

Other links are provided on the right hand side of the page to enable you to change the order of your emergency contacts or to update or delete a contact. 

Changes to other information

If you notice there is an error in the information held by the University such as your date of birth or gender you will need to contact the Student Administration Office and, where appropriate, bring or post the relevant documentation such as a passport so that we can amend your personal record.  Changes to addresses can be made via Liverpool Life.