Academic Registration

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Academic Registration is the process of collecting and confirming your personal and academic information.

Please click the relevent section for further details on completing your academic registration:

New Students

Continuing Students


New Students

New Students need to formally register online with the University. Information about your registration should have been sent to you in your Welcome Pack but you can download a copy ‌of ‌Your Registration 2019/20 which provides guidance.

Reviewing Your Personal and Academic Information Prior to Arrival

You will receive email notification on or around Friday 30 August 2019 informing you that you are able to begin the registration process.

The first part of the process requires you to log in to the University student portal, Liverpool Life. To do this, you will need your Student ID and your PIN. More information about logging in to Liverpool Life can be found here.

Following login you should locate the portlet for 'New and Continuing Student Registration'. You are then required to review, enter and verify the information contained in the various sections. Once you have entered and reviewed all of your information, you will be able to see a red tick next to each section. One of these sections asks you to upload a passport-type photograph which the University will use to produce your student smart card, needed for such things as gaining access to the Library, borrowing books, and using the University's printing facilities. Please be aware that it is unlikely that you will receive this smart card during Welcome Week if you do not submit your registration data online, including uploading the photo by midnight on Wednesday 4 September 2019.

You can only proceed to the next part of the process once all sections have been reviewed and have a red tick next to them.

Submitting Your Personal and Academic Information Prior to Arrival

The next stage is for you to read the terms and conditions of your registration and then click the 'Complete my Registration' button at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on this button, you are agreeing to comply with the University's Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules.

Upon submitting your academic registration details, you will be directed to a web page where you will be able to activate your Managed Windows Service (MWS) username and password which you will need to use the University's computing services. More information on these services, and on the MWS activation process, can be found in the Essentials 2019/2020 guide booklet which can be found by visiting the Computing Services IT Quick Start website.

Confirming Your Arrival

You will receive an email on or around Saturday 14 September 2019 when the facility is available to enable you to confirm your arrival. Once you have received the email and you have arrived on your campus, you should once again log in to Liverpool Life, this time from a University campus PC, or by using personal equipment in a University Hall of Residence or a University wireless zone. If this step is not completed you will not be a fully registered student of the University. For 'home' and 'EU' students this means that your attendance will not be confirmed to the Student Loans Company which will result in your loan(s) and/or grant(s) not being paid into your bank account. 


Guidance for Online Registration

Step-by-step instructions on how to register online can be found within the Guidance for Online Registration‌ ‌.

Please remember that you are not fully registered at the University until you have completed both Financial Registration and Academic Registration.

Financial Registration involves making arrangements for the payment of your tuition fees and Academic Registration requires the collection of personal data and details of the programme and modules being studied. It is only when both have been completed that you are fully registered with the University.

More information on how to pay your fees can be found here. 


Important Information for New International Students: Production of Passports, Visas and Academic Qualifications

In order to complete your registration and be issued with your smart card, you will be required to produce your passport, your visa (e.g. your Biometric Residence Permit) and your academic qualifications.  Failure to do this will mean that you have not registered with the University and may result in your place being cancelled.  The University is required to inform the Home Office of all international students who fail to register in time.

Students collecting their BRP visa from the University Campus

When you applied for your Tier 4 visa you will have been issued with a visa confirmation letter telling you where and when to collect your BRP visa from.  If the letter says you should collect from the University campus, you will need to visit the GFlex (map ref. 221) during Welcome Week to collect your BRP visa.  The documents you need to provide are:

You will have been sent an e-mail invitation to book a 1 hour appointment slot via Eventbrite to collect your BRP, please keep to your booking.

Students who are studying at the London campus will not have the option to collect their BRP's from the University campus and will need to collect their BRP's from a local Post Office. Please visit the Information for International Students page for further guidance.

Students who already have their visa OR are collecting their BRP from a Post Office

If your visa confirmation letter says you should collect your BRP visa from a Post Office then you must do this before you come to register.  Please see the IAG website for details.  Once you have collected your BRP from the Post Office, or if you already hold a visa that allows you to study at the University of Liverpool, such as a Dependant or Spousal visa, then you will need to visit the GFlex (map ref. 221) or if you are studying at the London campus, the Student Experience Helpdesk during Welcome Week.  The documents you need to provide are:

  • Your current passport
  • Your new Tier 4 visa with the SLN “N5WWG40J6”
  •  - OR your current visa that allows you to study with us i.e. Dependant/Spousal
  • Your original academic qualifications

LIC students: if you have been studying with the Liverpool International College (LIC) then you must submit your new visa application using the CAS issued to you by University of Liverpool before you register – see below section on making a new Tier 4 visa application.

Students who are making a new Tier 4 visa application

If you have been studying in the UK previously you must submit your new Tier 4 visa application using the CAS issued by the University of Liverpool before you register. You will need to bring your documents to be checked by your academic School.  Schools will inform students of the dates and times to do this.  The documents you need to provide are:

Acceptable proof of submitting an in-time visa application can be evidence of posting your supporting documents to the Home Office (i.e. your Royal Mail Delivery receipt); a copy of the Summary Sheet from your online application or a letter from the Home Office inviting you to attend your biometrics appointment.  Once you have received your new visa you must then bring this in with your passport to the Student Administration Centre to be scanned to your student record.

Please note it is a criminal offence to begin studying at the University of Liverpool with a visa issued by a different institution.  If you try to do this without submitting a new Tier 4 visa application using the CAS issued by the University of Liverpool then you are likely to be removed from the UK and you will not be allowed to begin your programme with us.  Your visa must contain our Sponsor Licence Number “N5WWG40J6”.

Students with a UK or EU Passport

Students on International fees but who hold a British or EU passport only need to provide their passport and their original academic qualifications.

Academic Qualifications

All international students are required to provide the University with original evidence of their successfully completed qualifications. The exceptions to this are: graduates of Liverpool International College (LIC), Northern Consortium UK (NCUK), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), students currently on a University of Liverpool Pre-Sessional English Language programme (ELC), and University of Liverpool graduates.

If you do not fall within one of the above groups, you are required to present your original academic qualifications for verification along with your passport and visa as detailed above. International students on MPhil, PhD and MD research programmes must bring their documentation to the Student Administration Centre.

The documents you need to provide are:

  • Academic transcript(s) which include your final grade
  • Degree certificate
  • Evidence of English Language (with the exception of IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson PTE Academic)
  • English translations of these documents (if applicable)

Please note that if you sent these original documents to us during the application process you will not need to submit these again. Applicants joining the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine will be informed separately by the School of the documents that they need to provide.

Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student and you have successfully completed your year of study you must confirm your attendance on returning to study in September, by accessing Liverpool Life on campus.

As with new students, returning students must do this using a main campus PC, a PC in a University-owned Hall of Residence, or by using personal equipment in a University wireless zone.

All your required modules will be added to your record. Registration for your optional modules will be available via Liverpool Life.

If you have a new passport or visa then you must bring this to the Student Administration Centre to be scanned to your student record.