Registering for your degree

New students

New students should register online with the University. Information about your registration should have been sent to you in your Welcome Pack.

Reviewing your personal and academic information prior to arrival

You will receive email notification one month before you are due to start your programme informing you that you are able to begin the registration process.

The first part of the process requires you to log in to the student portal, Liverpool Life. To do this, you will need your Student ID and your PIN. More information about Liverpool Life can be found on the Student Administration pages.

Following login you should be presented with the online registration screen. You are then required to review, enter and verify the information contained in each of the sections. Once you have done so, you will see a red tick next to each section to show that it is complete. You will need to upload a photograph so the University can produce your student ID card which you will need to access most services within the university.

Submitting your personal and academic information prior to arrival

The next stage is for you to read the terms and conditions of your registration and then click the 'Complete my Registration' button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have submitted your academic registration details, you will be re-directed to a web page where you will be able to activate your Managed Windows Service (MWS) username and password which you will need to use the University's computing services.  More information on these services, and on the MWS activation process, can be found in the Essentials guide published by the Computing Services Department.

Confirming your engagement

You will receive an email informing you how to confirm your engagement with your research degree programme.  If this step is not completed you will not be a fully registered student of the University and you will not receive any university-administered maintenance payments.

You may need to complete a paper registration form, you can ask your school administrator to arrange this for you.

Please remember that you are not fully registered at the University until you have completed both Financial Registration and Academic Registration.

Financial Registration involves making arrangements for the payment of your tuition fees and Academic Registration requires the collection of personal data and details of the programme being studied. It is only when both have been completed that you are fully registered with the University.

More information on how to pay your fees can be found here.

Important information for new international students studying on a Student route visa (formally Tier 4)

In order to complete your registration and be issued with your student ID card, you are required to provide your visa documentation to the University.  We are currently accepting colour photographs or scans of immigration documents. These should be sent to  Please also include the ID page of your passport, entry clearance vignette stuck inside your passport along with the front and back of your BRP if you have it. For details about how to collect your BRP either from the University or from a local post office, please see here: .  For further advice especially if you are studying in the UK under an alternative visa type, please contact International Advice and Guidance  The University is required by law to check, verify and retain copies of your documentation in your student file as part of our immigration sponsorship duties.  The Student Administration Team will check your documentation to ensure that you have a right to study in the UK and, specifically, with the University of Liverpool.

Students studying under the Student route visa (formally Tier 4) Student arrangements

In issuing your visa, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) allows you to study only with the sponsor recorded on the documentation.  Staff will check your documentation to ensure that your visa has been issued under the University of Liverpool's Sponsor Licence Number (i.e. that you have used the correct CAS in making your Student/Tier 4 visa application).  Please note that it is a criminal offence for you to begin studying at an institution in the UK with a visa issued under a different sponsor. If you try to do this without having first made an application for a Student/ Tier 4 visa with the correct sponsor, you are likely to be removed from the UK and you will not be permitted to begin your programme at the University of Liverpool.  The visa you present must be current (i.e. not expired) and, if it was issued after 5 October 2009, must contain either the University of Liverpool's Sponsor Licence Number or a CAS number issued to you by the University of Liverpool.  If your visa was issued before 5 October 2009 then your visa does not need to show the Sponsor Licence Number or the CAS number.

In some cases, students will not have their original visa documentation as the UKVI will still be holding their documentation while it considers their application for extended leave to remain in the UK.  If this applies to you, then you must provide evidence of your application by supplying the University with a copy of your existing passport and visa together with evidence of your posting your leave extension application to the UKVI (e.g. Royal Mail Special Delivery receipt) or a copy of your letter from the UKVI following a successful in-person visa application.  You are then required at a later date to provide your visa documentation when you receive it back from the UKVI.

Failure to present your documentation, or failure to present acceptable documentation, will mean that you will not be allowed to continue with your programme.  The University is also required by law to inform the UKVI if you do not register with the University by the end of the second week of the new session.

Continuing students

If you are a continuing student and your Annual Progress Report has been successfully completed, you will automatically be re-registered each academic session by the LDC Student Experience Team. If your report is incomplete, you will remain pending registration until such time as it is.