Your viva - what to expect

The object of the viva examination is to allow students the opportunity to explore, clarify and defend their research in the presence of academic leaders in their chosen discipline. The viva examination will normally be attended by an external examiner, an internal examiner and you. If you are a member of university staff, two external examiners are appointed and both would attend the viva. Your supervisor will not be present at the viva examination. There is no way of telling in advance how long the examination will take place but normally it would be several hours in duration.

The internal examiner is responsible for arranging the date, time and venue for the viva which is normally held within three months of submission of the thesis.

In advance of your viva, your examiners will read your thesis and prepare independent, written reports on your thesis. After the examination, a formal joint report with an agreed recommendation will be produced. You are entitled to be provided with a copy of the examiners’ reports, both initial and final reports, following your viva on request to the LDC Student Experience Team. The internal examiner should provide you with informal feedback, and if necessary, a copy of the revisions that have been requested.