First submission

As part of the examination process you should to submit your initial thesis by email to .

Thesis Submission - What Happens Next

It is important that that you submit your thesis within a reasonable time frame from the start of your studies, to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum periods of study set out by the University, or the terms of any funding you may be in receipt of. You can check your submission deadline in Liverpool Life, you will have seen it each year in the Annual Progress Report as well, where you are asked to confirm you are aware of it, so hopefully, you will know it well!

Your thesis will usually be sent to your examiners within five working days of receipt by the LDC Student Experience Team at the email address quoted above (this may be slightly longer during very busy periods) if we have received your Intention to Submit Form, without which, we are unable to send your thesis.


Your thesis should arrive no later than your expected end date.

Please ensure that a copy of the Submission of Thesis Form is included with the thesis.